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Engage with Invest In Me: Opportunities for Adults

Contribute to Community Growth

At Invest In Me, we value the diverse contributions of adults within our community, whether you are a colleague, teacher, coach, activist, mentor, community member, or neighbor. Your involvement in our initiatives is not only welcome but vital to our success. There are multiple avenues for engagement, including referring a young individual to our programs, participating as a guest in our workshops, offering financial support, or sharing your insights as an Empower Hour Guest.

A Call to Action in Stanislaus County

We invite you to become an integral part of this remarkable program, a cornerstone for the Westside community of Stanislaus County. Opportunities for meaningful interaction between youth and adults are rare, yet crucial for the development of our younger generation. Invest In Me fosters a co-learning environment where everyone, regardless of age, is respected and valued for their unique experiences and knowledge.

A Platform for Sharing and Learning

Our programs are designed to encourage open dialogue, where youths have the chance to engage with adults about the challenges and triumphs of transitioning to adulthood. We believe in the power of networking from an early age, encouraging our participants to inquire about careers, education, and job opportunities. Guest speakers play a pivotal role in this process, offering personal narratives and expert insights that inspire and inform our young attendees. If you are passionate about making a difference and willing to share your journey or expertise on topics that could benefit our youth, we warmly invite you to join us. Please express your interest through our contact form, and become a part of our mission to empower the next generation.


Our mission is multi-dimensional — not only do we provide opportunities for profound personal and professional growth, but we also equip our participants with the skills to emerge as leaders in their schools and communities. Through our comprehensive guidance and mentorship, we aim to ensure a seamless transition for them into education or their chosen career paths.

By volunteering as a guest speaker, you play a pivotal role in this transformative journey.

Thank you for your interest in 'Invest In Me'. What inspires you to become a volunteer or guest speaker with us?