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We Help People Grow

Invest In Me is a non-profit organization focused on self empowerment, leadership, and civic engagement in Stanislaus County. Invest in Me provides participants with opportunities for self- development and growth on a personal and professional level, build skills to become leaders in their school and communities and provide guidance and mentorship to support a successful transition to education and/or career path.

Our History

Invest In Me is a distinguished non-profit organization committed to fostering self-empowerment, leadership, and civic engagement within Stanislaus County. We offer comprehensive programs designed to facilitate personal and professional development for participants, enabling them to emerge as influential leaders within their schools and communities. Through dedicated guidance and mentorship, Invest In Me supports participants in navigating their educational and career trajectories successfully.
In our pursuit of excellence, Invest In Me stands as a beacon of innovation and inspiration in Stanislaus County, embodying the essence of community transformation through individual growth. Our holistic approach transcends traditional boundaries, embracing a diverse range of participants and fostering an environment where every voice is valued and every dream is nurtured. By intertwining the threads of mentorship, skill-building, and civic engagement, we not only prepare our participants for the challenges of today but also empower them to be the architects of a more promising, inclusive future.

Our Goals

Provide young people with a safe space to develop, learn, find their voice and explore their potential.

Provide young people the tools to successfully transition into strong, independent, and civically engaged individuals.

Provide mentorship opportunities, by inviting community and business leaders, educators, and advocates to provide expertise on issues that affect young people locally and globally.

Young people will build leadership skills, understand the importance of self-empowerment, and be provided with opportunities to express their needs in various mediums.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is a thriving Stanislaus County where every individual is empowered to lead, flourish in well-being, and actively engage in shaping their communities future.

Mission Statement:

Our mission at Invest In Me is to foster empowerment, cultivate leadership, promote well-being, and encourage civic engagement among the diverse population of Stanislaus County. Through innovative programs, partnerships, and advocacy, we strive to create opportunities for personal growth, community collaboration, and positive social change.


We define civic engagement as active participation in our community and society at large.


We define empowerment as providing people with the tools, resources, knowledge, and
support they need to overcome obstacles, build confidence, and achieve their goals.


We define leadership as Leadership is the ability to inspire and influence


We define well-being as the state of being healthy, happy, and prosperous, both emotionally, physically and mentally.

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Our Advisors

Behind every successful initiative stands a guiding force, and for “Invest In Me,” that force is embodied in our Advisor. With a wealth of experience, profound understanding of our mission, and an unwavering commitment to our cause, our Advisor provides strategic direction, mentorship, and insight. They play an instrumental role in shaping our organization’s trajectory, ensuring that our efforts always align with our core values and vision for empowering young women in Stanislaus County

Maria Rosales


Ana Andrade


Sergio Cuellar


Our Team

At the heart of “Invest In Me” lies a diverse and dedicated team, united by a singular passion: empowering young women in Stanislaus County. Every member brings their unique expertise, experiences, and enthusiasm, contributing to the multifaceted tapestry of our organization. From strategic planning to hands-on mentorship, our team is committed to creating an environment where growth, leadership, and empowerment are not just goals but everyday realities. Together, we are more than just a team; we are a community working towards a brighter future for every individual we serve.

Erica Ayala

Founder & Executive Director

Guadalupe Hernandez

Program Coordinator

Tahmirah Hamed

Program Specialist

Charlotte Jones

Intern, Special Project

Stephanie Brambila

Program Specialist

Yesenia Hernandez

Program Specialist